Nuno Ribeiro

Master's degree in Design and Visual Production from IADE. Founder of etic_ technical school of image and communication, where he was responsible/coordinator of the areas of Design and Multimedia and professor for 16 years. 

Responsible for 3 cooperation projects of the Leonardo da Vinci program - Work in TV; Silographic; Intermedia.

Mentor of the illustration contest "Ilustra-te", having organized the first 3 editions, "Ilustra_te", "Ilustra_Outros" and "Ilustra_Portugal".

Teacher at CECOA, INEPI, CIDEC and Bento Jesus Caraça schools. He was a copywriter for Page magazine, participated in the Mutante project and Directarts magazine. As a Communication Designer he worked for Puratos, Apadil, Md-Serviços. As a freelancer he developed direct marketing promotions for IBM, DHL, Citroen, Centro Delgado Espinosa, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, among many other companies and institutions.
Attended the S.N.B.A. Model and Photography courses. He is ADE - Apple Distinguished Educator. Founding partner of the company Giz, we can train you. He was the founder and director of IADE/APPLE and IADE/ADOBE Academy. He was assistant professor at the Superior School of Design and the Superior School of Marketing and Advertising.

He founded the company Giz-we can train you, managing entity of etic_algarve. He founded the company Letras Generosas, managing entity of Bold.ponto criativo.

Currently he is the director of the school ETIC_Algarve.