Short-Term Training

To meet the need to learn new skills, Giz has several short-term training solutions, which can work online or in person, and either during working hours or after working hours.

These trainings seek to act in specific areas of professional practice, having as a characteristic the progressive teaching under the motto: "learn by practicing", which directly prepares for the real use of the competencies acquired during the training. 

With teachers of excellence from the most varied creative and technological areas, it is possible to find short-term training in Event Organization, Design and Communication for Social Media, Introduction to Photography, Digital Painting, Color Grading, among other areas. Giz also attends to requests and suggestions for short training once interest is shown in the opening of such training.  

More Services

Technical Education

Technical education of excellence in the creative and technological industries, with certified Technical Courses of 1 and 2 years duration.

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Tailored Training

For companies and professionals of excellence, the use of Tailored Training is a fundamental need

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Classroom Rentals

Giz has a room rental model for companies or informal groups and their training needs.

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