Classroom Rentals

Giz has a classroom rental model for companies or informal groups and their training needs.

We have available:

  • 5 classrooms equipped with video projection system with audio and Apple workstations
  • 1 classroom for theoretical training equipped with an Apple computer for the trainer and projection system with audio.
  • 1 Studio with 110m² - for practical sessions of various types of photography (Fashion, Advertising, Nude, etc.), Video recordings, Auditorium for Presentations, Conferences, Workshops, Showcases and also Demonstrations of Products and Equipment.

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More Services

Technical Education

Technical education of excellence in the creative and technological industries, with certified Technical Courses of 1 and 2 years duration.


Tailored Training

For companies and professionals of excellence, the use of Tailored Training is a fundamental need today.


Formação de Curta Duração

Giz has several short-term training solutions with excellent trainers from the most varied creative and technological areas