Short film “Choupan” nominated for the C(h)orta!

The short film “Choupan” directed by the class of the technical course of Directing 14|16 was nominated for the category “Fiction” of the 3rd Edition of the C(H)ORTA! – Faial’s short film festival, promoted by AJIFA – Faial Island’s Youth Association.

This project, among the ten competing in this category, is part of the Official Selection of the festival in a total of 50 proposals from all over the country for the 3 categories: “Fiction”, “Documentary”, “Animation”.

Directed by Sabrina Ildefonso and with a screenplay by the Directing class 14|16, “Choupan” tells the story of Lucas and Maria, two young people who get to know each other over the course of time. Lucas, a charismatic and energetic young man, when moving into his new apartment comes across Maria and her cat. Attracted by the young Maria’s curiosity and beauty, he gets closer to her and experiences a few bumpy moments until one day Lucas is surprised by a situation he never imagined could happen.

The awards ceremony will be held on October 26th, at Teatro Faialense, in the Azores, in a Competition Session where the films will be screened.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope you see in our short film, everything we see!

To the teachers and all the team involved, congratulations!