Commitment to Punctual Payment – a social responsibility

It is with the greatest satisfaction that, by indication of the presidents of ACEGE, IAPMEI, CIP and APIFARMA, the managing entity of ETIC_Algarve, Giz We Can Train You, Lda. was distinguished with the Diploma of the Punctual Payment Commitment for the current year.

Adherence to the Prompt Payment Commitment is a program that appeals to and promotes the social responsibility of companies so that they fulfill their payments to their suppliers on time, with the objective of stimulating the economy, guaranteeing the sustainability of the entire business fabric and as a consequence of this, ensuring the maintenance and creation of jobs.

We are living in complicated times and the economic situation triggered by COVID-19 will probably be the most challenging of our lives and of our country. It will be necessary for everyone to assume their responsibilities and do everything in their power to overcome the crisis with economic rationality, courage and generosity.

To overcome this challenge, along with the major political measures and support defined, there is a whole set of business practices that are essential. Respect for paying suppliers on time is one of these practices, which may seem small in the face of the major problems that exist, but which make a big difference in the lives of companies.

And as of this date, we assume our Commitment to, along with 1,314 other companies and organizations, from all over the country, of different sizes and sectors. Alongside the assumption of this commitment, we join the call for a national movement that can, in this new government cycle, raise awareness of the need for a new culture of payment to suppliers and the reduction of delays, and thus give a new impetus for timely payments.

This diploma, proves once again, that with organization and effort it is possible to honor the commitments with suppliers, enhancing the development of companies and the competitiveness of our economy, besides strengthening our corporate positioning and our social responsibility policy

We are on the right track but we need to go further, so we invite your company/organization to join this challenge.